Trend Talk: Curved Furniture

If there’s one good thing to come out of the pandemic, it’s an appreciation for curved furniture and its coziness. When you’ve been stuck at home 24/7, the harsh lines and clinical feel of minimalist styles don’t cut it anymore. With pillowy lines and comforting shapes, it’s no wonder curved furniture has made a comeback. With many Australians still embracing flexible work from home, it’s a trend that’s not going anywhere soon.

We yearn for comfort, familiarity, and reassurance. We want to turn our homes into inviting bubbles where one can find solace and warmth against a changing and threatening exterior. In a world of sharp angles and hard surfaces, curved furniture calls for more coziness and luxurious relaxation.

Where does the curved furniture trend come from?

Curved furniture is nothing new. It has made its appearance cyclically in our interiors for over one hundred years. You can trace back to the whimsical appeal of Art Nouveau and the refined elegance of Art Deco at the beginning of the twentieth century. Later on, you can find it again in the groovy playfulness of the 1960s and ’70s. Willowy furniture goes in and out of style, bringing a touch of individuality to the home. And right now, we cannot get enough of this charming style.


The retro style is one of the leading trends of 2022. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that many designers and homeowners are bringing back curved furniture. Intimist, joyful and soothing, they are everything we need to face the year ahead.

How to incorporate curved furniture in the bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. If there is one room in your house that should be all about cozy and comforting, it is undoubtedly this one. While you can always splurge on a round bed, it may be more practical to incorporate the curve trend into your bedroom is smaller touches.

Decorative elements, such as pillows or lamps, are an excellent way to try the trend before committing to bigger, expensive pieces. You can find some at your local thrift market to keep the costs low. You can also refresh your bedroom with a unique curved headboard or adhesive wall decal. Once these minor elements are in place, curved furniture will have an even greater impact.

Inspired by the iconic rounded design of 1960s television, our Muzi Collection makes it easy to add a subtle curve. With a minimalist silhouette, it includes many storage options that are both convenient and stylish for any room.

Want to go double or nothing? Tick off two 2022 trends with our Kona Collection and Lana Bedframe. Featuring either an oblong cutout or curved edge, these styles also take advantage of stylish rattan texture. Together, they naturally attract the eye and provide depth without feeling overwhelming.

How to incorporate curved furniture in the living room

Your living room is the perfect space for entertaining. As such, it should be comfortable and welcoming – which is exactly what curved furniture conveys. With the pandemic, it is also where you spend a lot of your free time. Whether you’re the type of person who enjoys binging your favourite shows or organising game nights with friends, curves will keep it cozy.

Your couch is one of the central pieces of your living room. In 2022, unforgiving fixtures favouring looks over comfort are definitely out. That’s why we cannot get enough of rounded sofas. With their sinuous lines and cloud-like tufting, they’re made for leisure and relaxation. For an extra sensuous experience, opt for textured fabric such as boucle, velvet, or shearling, like our cozy Phoebe Collection.

Accessory furniture, such as ottomans and poufs, is also an excellent way to introduce some curvy elements to your living room. Whether you use it for guests sitting or to rest your feet after a long day is up to you. Curvy armchairs are both cozy and stylish, introducing a trendy statement even if you are not ready to get a new couch just yet.

Finally, you can also bring the trend to life by replacing less conspicuous fixtures. We’re talking storage or entertainment units. E-Living offers heaps of options to fit your tastes and your home. Our Muzi Collection has a discreet and playful touch that is perfect for a subtle introduction. Meanwhile, the sleek silhouette of the Tate Collection is a great match for minimalist homes.

How to incorporate curved furniture in the dining room

Dining rooms are sometimes overlooked spaces in homes, but the pandemic has changed how we use them. Once, they were reserved for more formal occasions. Now, we make the most of every corner in our homes and maximize space usage. Dining rooms have become substitute classrooms and home offices in a pinch. So maybe it’s time to give yours a refresh with elegantly curved furniture.

Round and oval tables are functional and convivial, turning stuffy spaces into an oasis of good food and conversation. They also make excellent workstations when needed. Besides, curved dining tables have a distinct advantage: avoiding getting stuck with the table legs. The pillar base of our Tate dining tables guarantees that all your guests will have plenty of legroom.

Keen for some architectural interest? Pair your curved dining table with stylish pendant lights or a large oblong mirror to maximize the luminosity. While style is important, make sure that all seats are plushy and ergonomic. That way guests can linger around a feast at leisure (or you can endure long work calls) as comfortably as possible.

If your dining room is fulfilling several functions, extra storage is a must. Keep your dining room clean and organised with a spacious and elegant sideboard.

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