10 Design Trends to Try in 2022

Can you believe that 2022 is almost here? The past 12 months have certainly been a ride. Being home has taken an entirely new meaning in the past two years, leaving us with different longings and needs. Your house is your kingdom, a shelter against the outside world. It also needs to fulfil more functions than ever, turning from classroom to home gym or office with little notice.


As we put the champagne in the fridge and lay out our sparkliest outfits to celebrate the holidays ahead, it’s also the perfect time to take a look at the latest design trends circulating Instagram and Pinterest. Here are some options you’ll want to explore in 2022 to turn your beloved abode into the ideal retreat.

Trend One: Natural Connection

The great outdoors has been a source of solace in the past two years. We can never again take for granted the simple pleasures of feeling the wind on our faces and crunchy leaves under our feet. Nature has been slowing its way in. 2022 is the year when we can embrace our desire for turning our homes into an oasis.

Biophilic interior design – in other words, incorporating nature into our indoor environment – is one of the major trends for 2022. Those blessed with green thumbs will finally have free rein to turn their home into a small jungle. However, if leafy roommates don’t survive your best efforts, you can include natural textures in your interior instead. Materials like raw wood, bamboo, cork, or stone are excellent options to use for your floors, architectural details, and furniture.

Our Nobu collection plays on the contrast of the organic oak tones with sleek white laminate, letting the wood grain shine with its minimalist design. For an exotic touch, the rattan details of our Kona collection will bring a breath of fresh air into your home.

Trend Two: Natural Lighting

While theatrical lighting has its charm, nothing beats natural daylight. Open your windows and doors wide to let in some fresh air. High ceilings and large windows help your space feel bigger and brighter, upping your mood and naturally relieving stress.

Make your surroundings the star of the show, creating relaxing nooks by the windows or turning your couch towards the best view rather than the TV. Besides, nothing beats simple sheer white curtains to preserve your privacy while letting the sunshine in.

Trend Three: Earthy Tones

Incorporating earth colours into your interior is another leading interior design trend for 2022. While tints such as greens and browns may first come to mind, nature has blessed us with a broad palette of soothing and inspiring tones.

You can turn your home into a welcoming and calming retreat by playing with the different shades and contrasts. Nautical-inspired homes gravitating towards Hampton and coastal styles will bring in blues and greys. At the same time, boho abodes are the perfect settings for warmer tones like ochre (think the comforting mustard shade of our Nikko sofa bed) and caramels.

Do you prefer more neutral colours? Instead of stark white, bring in softer creams like our beige Buffy sofa bed and Leafy bed frame.

Trend Four: Versatile & Multifunctional Spaces

Once upon a time, our homes were places where we would lay our tired heads at the end of the day and little else. Now, they have turned into our offices, classrooms, gyms, and our sole source of relaxation and entertainment. Maximizing whatever space we have available is more critical than ever. While it would be nice to add extra rooms to our homes, most of us will need to create versatile spaces that can change functions depending on our current needs.

Combine rooms that can be used at different times – for example, your dining room and home office, or guest bedroom and kids’ playroom – and find furniture that can be used in various ways. Sofa beds, ottomans, or side tables are your allies in turning every nook and crannies in your home into a multifaceted space.

Trend Five: Curves and Rounded Shapes

It has been a rough couple of years for everybody. Therefore, it should be no surprise that we will gravitate towards soft, rounded, and pillowy shapes for our interiors in 2022. Comforting and organic, curves have a unique way to turn any space into a cozy sanctuary.

Our Muzi collection is right on trend, adding a playful and graphic touch to your home. Its sleek minimalist design will blend perfectly into mid-century modern, retro, and Scandinavian-inspired homes. And if you are craving a bit of softness at the end of the day, the thick padded cushions and adjustable recline of our Buffy sofa are just what the doctor ordered.

Trend Six: Locally, Handmade, and Sustainable Goods

Our communities need help now more than ever. Your neighbourhood likely hides local artists and artisans who can transform your home into a space as unique as you are. Whether you lean toward calming minimalism or you want to surround yourself with joyful reminders, you can likely find the perfect hidden treasure at your doorstep.

Sustainable or pre-loved alternatives to everyday items – from clothes to home décor – are becoming more prevalent in 2022, a just reminder that we need to protect our planet in the long term.

Trend Seven: Vintage and Cottagecore

Are you longing for simpler times? Do you wish for a break from technology and exchange your city commute for a stroll through the woods? You are not alone. Cottagecore and vintage style are still going strong in 2022, so you can go ahead with transforming your apartment into a fairytale-like cottage where you can unwind and retreat from the world at the end of the day.

The simple lines of our Coco collection will shine in any traditional-inspired home, letting homely home décor take centre stage. Our Goldie metal bedframe provides the perfect background for vintage quilts and floral bedspreads to create a dreamy haven in your bedroom.

Trend Eight: Decadent Tablescapes

There is no better time to celebrate and make a ritual of all the little pleasures in life. Sharing a meal with friends and family, whether for a special occasion or a daily occurrence, deserves a little bit of pump and decorum. 2022 is the year of decadent tablescapes and spectacular dining settings.

While your dining room may do stunts as a home office or study space during the time, turn every evening a time of exchange and relaxation as you pull out the good china and adorn your table with fresh flowers. Matching tablecloths and place settings are an easy way to bring some beauty into your life, no matter the news of the day.

Trend Nine: Zen Interiors

If you are not feeling the loud colours and abundance of patterns from the retro revival takeover, embrace the simple lines and serene environment of a Zen interior instead.


Minimalist and streamlined, Japanese-inspired design is everywhere in 2022. After all, we could all use a meditative break. Besides, its calming influences combine many of the key trends for the year ahead.

Trend Ten: Retro Revival

What was old is new again, so be warned: you may need to dig out through vintage flea markets or ask grandma to find the hippest ways to decorate your home. Funky 1970s style is all the rage in 2022, whether in fashion or interior design.

With warm shades like chocolate brown, burnt orange, deep aubergine, coupled with rich textures like velvet and dark woods, now is the time to create the graphic and uplifting kitsch retreat of your dream. With maximalism on the rise, you can finally break free from the diktat of white and beige, which has been invading our social media feeds in the past couple of years.

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