Trend Talk: Rattan Furniture

What was old is new again: wide-leg pants are not the only thing to make a comeback straight from the seventies. Rattan furniture is all the rage, and we cannot get enough of this decorating trend. After all, with its laidback style, rattan embodies everything Australia is all about.

After many years of being associated with outdoor furniture and your hippie aunt’s yoga retreat, rattan is making a comeback. This time, it is combing indoors to seamlessly blend with the latest trends in home décor. It brings texture and warmth to understated interiors such as earthy minimalist or Japandi style abodes. Meanwhile, its vintage appeal fits right in boho chic and coastal-inspired homes. It can even add a touch of whimsy without overpowering more formal decors like Hampton. No matter the room, rattan may be the extra touch your room had been missing.

Durable and versatile, it has been around for longer than you may think. It originates from Southeast Asia, and particularly Malaysia. Rattan furniture first came into fashion in the nineteenth century. It’s when families from the British Empire were stationed in tropical locations and brought rattan back home as souvenirs. In the 70s, the design world had a renewed interest thanks in part to the popularity of the show Golden Girls. Lately, it has been all over Pinterest as home designers embrace vintage vibes and organic textures. As a result, it never looks out of place, whether it adorns classic-influenced or modern decors.

Here is how to make the trend yours throughout your home!

Rattan in the Bedroom

Patterns from rattan furniture play on light and texture. Even in small touches, they bring interest while maintaining an airy feel. If you dream of falling asleep by the beach, incorporating rattan into your room is the next best thing.

For a coastal feel, keep sheets and upholstery bright to embrace natural light. Crisp white linens and airy curtains will feel like a breath of fresh air that brings serenity to your space. Whether it is on your bedding or your walls, keep colours neutrals. This also helps bring attention to a few focal points, such as your favourite art pieces.

Rattan details are the perfect way to bring a vintage and organic feel to your interior. Keep your belongings organised by adopting our Kona 2-door cabinet or bedside table. With obround rattan cutouts and streamlined shape, it makes a statement without overwhelming your room. With its rounded silhouette and intricate octagonal weave, the Lana bedframe marries two of the hottest trends.

Rattan in the Living Room

For many years, rattan was primarily used for outdoor furniture. With natural sturdiness and the ability to withstand the weather, it is the perfect material. But now its place in the home has evolved. Found inside — and out — it evokes images of leisurely evenings spent chatting under the stars on the patio.

Turn your living room into an oasis where friends and family can gather and kickback. With their beverage of choice and not a bug in sight, rattan creates a year-round barbecue party. If you are looking for a complete set, affordable vintage rattan patio furniture can be found in secondhand stores. However, beware that you may need to change the upholstery to more modern, and perhaps less lived in, designs.

Thankfully, you do not need to completely redecorate your family space to bring rattan into your living room. Our Kona coffee table and TV unit add rattan’s organic texture while matching your existing furniture. Our Kona line is available in two beautiful colours, so you can mix and match according to your tastes. Pick white for a more coastal vibe or adopt our light maple finish for a more bohemian feel. Complete the look with woven baskets and chests for extra storage and beautiful accents.

Rattan in the Dining Room

The dining room is the perfect place to add a little escapism with rattan touches. Our Kona rattan 3-doors sideboard provides plenty of storage for extra place settings and dishes. Dining rooms are all about hospitality and conviviality. Use the roomy top to style a cocktail station or coffee bar for those evenings when conversations keep on flowing.

Modern furniture – especially in the dining room – should be able to handle a busy and sometimes messy lifestyle. So, we picked materials that not only look good but are also easy to maintain. This includes easy-care melamine surfaces, durable engineered wood, and faux rattan that make cleaning up a breeze.

Rattan also looks great in decorating touches, such as wall décor, picture frames, or even a couple of pendants over your dining table. You can also use rattan placemats for fancier occasions and woven planters for plenty of greenery, real or fake, that will amp up the tropical feel of the room. Finally, mismatched dining chairs will complete the laidback vibe of your dining room. Imposing rattan armchairs at each end of the table will make a statement and pull the look together.

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