Six Trendy Kids’ Bedrooms to Inspire

Whether it is your first baby nursery or a bittersweet “big kid room”, designing kids’ bedrooms is fun and exciting. Yet, it can also be challenging. How do you match your taste and your children’s? We’re looking at you, Paw Patrol bedsheets. What is the right balance between aesthetics and functionality, like crisp all-white everything and realistic toy storage?

Creating a practical, cheerful, and authentic space can be challenging to navigate. Especially in a digital world of carefully curated Instagram feeds. We pulled some inspiration from some of our favourite influencers to help you design the perfect room for your little ones to live and grow into.

Maddison Black has mastered the art of creating inviting and playful boho chic spaces, and her daughter’s bedroom is no exception. The neutral frame of our Astro natural triple bunk bed is the perfect backdrop for sweet feminine touches, such as floral bedsheets and purple shell-shaped throw pillows. Besides, there is plenty of room to grow or invite friends for a sleepover with this spacious double-decker.

Creating a comfortable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing space for children sharing the same bedroom can seem like an unsolvable conundrum. And yet, it is precisely the challenge that Ange rose above when designing her three daughters’ bedroom. She used our discreet Cali bed base and associated with our Nook bedside tables so each girl could have her own storage and individual space while keeping a streamlined low profile, so the room stays bright and airy.

Children grow up fast, and their tastes change at a head-spinning rate. So, if you know that the latest must-have will only stay in favour for a short time, it is best to stick with solid neutrals for critical pieces such as bed frames and go crazy with accessories. Georgina is a magician when it comes to creating bed styles that are as pretty as they are inviting. Our Cali bed base and Aria bed base discreetly take the backseat in her children’s bedroom to let her personality shine!

It is not always easy to tie in your child’s preferences with the rest of your carefully styled home, but talented artist Erin seems to have found the perfect formula. Her son’s bedroom blends perfectly into her elegant and curated interior, mixing neutral tones with quirky touches such as her DIY skateboard art. Meanwhile, the warm wood tones of our Cali bed base and rattan accents of our Kona side table and sideboard tie it in with her chic bohemian aesthetics.

Wallpapers are back in style and are an easy way to add personality to your child’s bedroom. They are available in a wide range of patterns and colours to match your tastes and design goals. However, it is best to stick with trusted neutrals for other items to balance a wild accent wall. Kim paired crisp solid linen sheets and our discreet Cali bed base in her toddler’s bedroom to counterbalance the whimsical pattern of the wallpaper.

Children come with a lot of belongings for such tiny beings. Organising clothes, toys, and necessities such as diapers and accessories can be a headache when it comes to creating a beautiful child’s bedroom. The good news is that you do not need to stick to furniture labelled as children’s storage, and you can use pieces of furniture that will create a design statement while keeping unsightly objects away from prying eyes. Steph used our Kona sideboard and Cuppa chest of drawers to tidy up her sweet twins’ nursery.

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