Which Interior Design Style Matches Your Personality?

Which Interior Design Style Matches Your Personality?

Your surroundings are highly indicative of what type of a personality you have. Whether you love to be alone or enjoy company, whether you love imagining or have social charisma, your spaces will always and forever influence you. Detail oriented people tend to choose classy and austere settings while extroverts tend to feel the most comfortable in bright cheerful spaces.

So, if you’re looking to bridge the distance between your personality and your interior design style, here are 4 matches made in heaven:

1.Hurrah for the Bright and cheerful!

If you love talking, fancy yourself a perpetual enthusiast, and love being social, then this is where you fall! You’re a perpetual optimist and being amongst gatherings energizes you. Some might even call you…wait for it! An extrovert! You’re outgoing, charismatic, and own that confidence! So, what kind of an interior design suits you?

Best match for interior design style: Boho-chic style


Boho-chic is a fun, culture and highly zippy interior design style. It’s just as extroverted, socially engaging, and charismatic as YOU are. The energetic use of colors and quirky furniture will totally inspire you!

You can achieve the best of this style by painting a brightly colored accent wall, creating a gallery wall of mix-and-match wall hangings, and placing colorful rugs on your floor. Unique light fixtures, murano glass items, lots of fluffy throw cushions, distressed accent finishes, planters and bright natural lighting are also an essential for this style

Furniture recommendations for this style

All the statement pieces in your boho-chic style need to be eye-catching and vibrant, which is why our Lumi 3-seater sofa bed is a great option. Our Sven display cabinet with its asymmetric shelves will help elevate the zany ambiance.

2.Classy chic with a dash of bold

You’re goal-oriented and always super sure of yourself! You like being social and are a go-getter! You like understated visuals and things that make sense.You love being dependable, but sometimes have a short temper. You’re not sure where you lie on the personality spectrum – but we’re here to tell you that you’re an omnivert! Here’s your ideal interior design style:

Best match for interior design style: Contemporary eclectic


This style is a mix and match of modern items with small bursts of color introduced in the form of major accent pieces. The mix of bright colors and grounded hues will make you feel calm, collection, and uplifted. This style can be articulated by choosing elegant and natural hued furniture pieces and pairing them with brightly colored accent pieces. This style is very independent, which is why you’ll love it even more.

Furniture recommendations

Our Scandi entertainment unit with its light finish and minimalist design would make an excellent centerpiece in contemporary eclectic living rooms. You can emulate controlled bursts of color throughout the space by placing our Casper sofa bed as an accent piece.

3.Cheers to the thoughtful dreamers

You’re detail-oriented and love living in your own world! Imagination is your escape. You’re thoughtful, sensitive, self-reliant and have deep feelings. Perfection is something that you always strive for. Yes, you are a calm, collected, cool-headed introvert. So, what kind of an interior design theme suits you best, you thoughtful dreamer?

Best match for interior design style: Scandi-modern


The sheer coziness of this style emulates a laid-back casualness that you will simply love. The use of natural colors will calm you while the modern aspects will satisfy your detail-oriented thinking.

This style can be translated in any space by emphasizing neutral colors, comfortable textures, cotton-ball light fixtures, an understated theme, and minimal accentuation. Deep colors and natural lighting along with gorgeous gold trimming can also be used in moderation.

Furniture recommendation

The Nikko 3-seater sofa bed with its classic midcentury style design and refined elegance will make an excellent addition to such spaces. The Sven multimedia cabinet is also a great choice which will allow melancholic personality types to satisfy their urge to organize and compartmentalize.

4.One for the lazy and chill

You’re laidback. You’re not easily riled up. You like to think before you speak. You like your peaceful personality. You love the quiet and are highly sympathetic. You find peace in compromising and can sometimes be quite sensitive – yup; you’re a restrained introvert. Here’s your ideal interior design theme:

Best match for interior design style: Japandi


This mixture of Japanese-Zen and Scandinavian style aesthetics is exactly what every restrained introvert would feel at home in. You’ll feel immensely peaceful in such an ambiance. It features beautiful natural textures and ceramic accessories. Woolen rugs, soft & comfy furniture, along with lots of natural lighting are major characteristics of this style. The use of artisanal décor and accent pieces adds a lived-in and homely vibe to these spaces.

Furniture recommendation

Our Nami 3 seater sofa with its simple design and clean aesthetic would make an excellent accent piece in such a style. This Scandi TV unit would also make a great addition in such a home interior.

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