Tips & Tricks : How to Decorate Your New Home

Are you moving into a new home?

You must be feeling excited.

However, this feeling is also coupled with the concern of making the new space adaptable to your lifestyle. And the mix and match home decoration plays an important part here.

How do you make your new space look its best while unleashing your aesthetic sense?

Your new home is a blank canvas.

You need to set the things from scratch, whether its furniture, fabrics or paint colours. Doing these things well means you end up with a beautiful and comfortable home. Doing it poorly means a great mess up of furniture, wrong placement of lights and less functional space.

Luckily, you can manage the things to turn your vacant space into an attractive and functional home with thoughtful home decor. Here’s how…

Prioritize, Assess and Plan:

With a task as challenging as decorating your new home, it is useful to have a plan in place. And when your budget comes into the play, that plan should clearly prioritize which decorating projects come first and which can be delayed.

Keep in mind that all things are not required at once. Many new homeowners complete the process of decorating their new home step by step, starting with the items and rooms that they know they use the most.

Make sure to consider the cost of your home decoration. Buying a couch or installed a window can cost a lot more than adding new pendant lights in the kitchen or get a new wallpaper. Prefer cheaper tasks over expensive things in the meantime.

Start with the Bedroom:

A bedroom is a place where you spend nearly a third of your time when you are at home. That’s why your new snoozing den deserves a great makeover. Isn’t it?

Your bedroom is a personal getaway and expresses your feelings, collections and colours.

Here are some rules to spruce up the bedroom in your new home.

(Again, as I have tole in the first point, prioritize the things you need most in the bedroom.)

Pick Subtle Colours:

Prefer soothing shades and a restful palette of monochromatic shades over bold primary colours. For example, gentle hues of lavender, blue and green are calm and peaceful. Rich jewel-toned colours promote comfort and cosiness. This way, these colours unleash positive effects when it comes to rest and peace.

Take Care of the Ceiling:

Once you get on the bed, the thing you usually see is the ceiling. Pick a subtle shade for this area. Keep the paint slightly lighter than those of the walls. It will tone down the ceiling and provide the space a feeling of intimacy and comfort.

Simplicity is the Key:

Keep your bedroom simple, classy and sophisticated, no matter what style of decorating you pick. Make sure to leave a three feet gap between the bed and inside walls for ease of movement. It can be at least two feet between low furniture and the bed. Equip your bedroom with essential things you require. A bed, a dresser, chair and bedside table are necessities. Keep minimum accessories in the bedroom. You can choose a beautiful piece of paintings; add candles and flowers and some family photos.

Bring in Beautiful Linens:

Accentuate your bedroom with classy and elegant fabrics. And linens can be a great fit in this context. Soft mohair or cashmere unleashes romance in the room while the walls can be covered with silk or textured wall coverings.

Cover the Windows:

Install opaque roller blinds on the windows that can be pulled down for privacy at night and to block morning light.

Light It Up Right:

Some great lighting options for the bedroom are ambient lighting, small lamps for reading and accent light.


Choosing the Right Furniture:

Some of the furniture from your old home may not fit in the new space. Maybe your sofa is too big to be accommodated in your small living room. In this scenario, you can practically give those pieces away to purchase new ones.

Or you can make a smart purchase for the next time. If you are looking for furniture such as sofa beds, TV units, coffee table et. for your new home, look for the pieces that not only meet your requirements but also fit into your budget.

First of all, assess what you already own and decide what to bring in or get rid of. However, many pieces of furniture can be repurposed, painted or refinished to match the aesthetic of your new house.

It is also important to determine your budget and time involved with repurposing furniture. Is it worth it to you? Or it can match the desired finish? If not, then it is better if you give away furniture you don’t use.

Also, determine an aesthetic look of your new home. Luckily, all you need to Google the latest furniture ideas to pick the one that matches the appearance of your spaces. You can get quite close, if not able to recreate the entire looks.

Last but not least, choose the fabrics and materials for the furniture according to your lifestyle. If you have kids and pets, choose the fabrics that are easy to maintain and wash.


Paint it Right:

Painting lets you infuse your personality to your living spaces. However, get your new home painted before you move in.

Good thing is that you can accentuate your new home with a coat or two of paint.

However, colour is a personal thing, meaning that you can choose the shades of your tastes, your choice. Use neutral paint colours when in doubt. Always choose a satin finish for walls as it is low sheen but washable. Gloss finish works for wet areas like kitchen, laundry and bathroom as it withstands humidity and can be washed.

If you want to make it look more creative, try out some interior ideas like stencilling, sponging and colour blocking.


Create a Saving Account for Home Decor:

Although many homeowners use their store credit cards finance their home decor projects, it is better if you pay the money upfront and avoid taking it on debt.

And opening up a new savings account is a smart way when it comes to your home decoration. Create monthly deposits you can afford, and you are likely to have more money for home décor when you require it.

Decorate with Plants:

Plants are one of the cheaper ways to accentuate your new home. After all, the lush green will spruce up your spaces and makes it look more put together. Plus, having plants benefits your health. They reduce toxins in the air and enhance air quality. As a result, they lower blood pressure, energize the mind and promote deeper sleep.

This way, you can give amazing looks to your home with Biophilic Home Décor Ideas.

Here are some plants you can bring in:

Floor Plants:

Plants can be small enough to accentuate a tiny desk or small, open shelving, or they can be large enough to enhance floor space of their own. Use floor plants for the rooms with excessive empty spaces.

For example, if you have an empty corner and space just doesn’t feel complete, you might not need to cover it up with more furniture. All you need to bring a floor plant to unleash a new sense of freshness across space. Make sure to keep them in the proper light. One more thing—6’ or 7’ plants are ideal for residential space. However, you can choose 2’ or 3’ tall floor plants for your small apartment.


There are many colours to try other than green. Blooming plants provide health and aromatherapy benefits and gives you an extra pop that can enhance the space as well. Orchids are long-standing flowers and make a popular interior design choice due to their bright and engaging colours. They will brighten your spaces and create a statement.

Cut Blooms:

If you are looking for the plants that need less time and maintenance, you can use cut flowers. Apart from taking your less time and maintenance, they are a cheaper option, depending on how often you change them. You can buy a bunch of cut flowers that cost you a couple of dollars. However, they are for short term and don’t last long. However, replacing your flowers more often is a great way to change the appearance of your room without too much effort or expense.

Succulents and Cacti:

Caring for plants can be exhaustive, but depending on the plant type, the environment that you live in and how much time you have, some plants can be challenging to keep healthy and growing. Here come some house plants that easy to care for and likely to thrive with little efforts.

In this context, you can choose a cactus or succulent or cactus for your home. After all, both are desert plants and can survive almost any environments, with little water and sunlight. As an added bonus, they enhance the look of your rooms and are aesthetically pleasing with their liner shapes.

Wall Hangings and Herb Garden:

There are many fun and creative ideas to install plants across your home. What about having a hanging herb garden in the kitchen? It not only spruces up your kitchen but also provides your organic ingredients to your cooking. And it is easy to set up. Just secure the pots against the wall using some wood screws.

Hang Up Artwork:

Nothing can accentuate and fill the walls like prints, paintings and posters. There is a wide variety of artwork and prints with a myriad of themes and colours to choose from. Nature photography, paintings, concert posters and quotes have always been in trend. You can save on them by buying them from a local thrift store or the clearance sale.


Choose Trendy Light Fixtures:

Your light fixtures are more than the “providers of light” in your spaces. They can be an enchanting artwork or a statement piece. Different styles of lighting, the colour of the light, it’s a particular shade of white, yellow or blue create the tone in a room, and has, therefore, become an essential part of living room home decoration.

However, this shouldn’t overshadow their functional purpose. In other words, choose the light fixtures that can be both glamorous and assist with you various tasks like cooking and reading.

Here we have listed some popular lighting options:


A chandelier is an amazing piece of home décor, besides spreading light evenly across the hall. You can install a vintage metal chandelier to make your living space look classic.

 Floor Lamps:

Floor lamps are an ideal option when it comes to a concentrated light. Given that floor lamps are available in various sizes and shapes, you can easily find the one that can complement your living spaces.

Recessed Lighting:

Recessed lighting illuminates the required part of the room. Dimmers are a popular choice among this lighting type as it lets you adjust the brightness to set the mood of the entire room in a second.


Scones unleash “countryside” vibes across the room. They come with glass diffusers or shades, spreading a soft light. Go for a pretty, chandelier style sconce to unleash vintage effect in your living room, or choose a metal one for a sophisticated feel.

Fan Lights:

Fan lights are installed to ceiling fans and attractively illuminate the area right below the fan. However, choose the sturdy bulbs that can withstand the vibrations caused by ceiling fans.


A skylight lets you feel “outdoor” in your kitchen.

Under Cabinet Lights:

They are great lighting solution for kitchen cabinets as they illuminate the kitchen countertop, the space below the cabinets, letting you focus on the task.

Hanging Lights:

Hanging lights include pendant lights or hanging light fittings. They are ideal for the particular area of the kitchen where most tasks are done, like your dining table and kitchen island.

Accentuate your new home’s kitchen with the pendant lights being available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

From furniture, bedroom, lighting to the paint and everything in between, these are some ideas to accentuate your new home. Make sure to get them done by the right handyman or professionals. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below!

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