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Best Seller in Bedroom

Out of stock

Nobu Tallboy Chest of Drawer

$410.00 $205.00

or 4 payments of $51.25 with Afterpay

Astro Kids Bunk Bed Frame – White Solid Pine Wood

$750.00 $375.00

or 4 payments of $93.75 with Afterpay

Olsen Daybed with Trundle

$520.00 $340.00

or 4 payments of $85.00 with Afterpay

Olsen Daybed gives you the space to lounge during the day and sleep at night (mattress not included, Match it with Olsen Mattress)

It is a stunning and multi-purpose designer piece for the home. Working well as both a sofa and a daybed, the contemporary beauty is refined in its design and comes with plenty of soft cushioning so you can kick back and relax!

Sven 3 Door Wardrobe

$600.00 $299.00

or 4 payments of $74.75 with Afterpay

Out of stock

Nobu Bed Frame with Leather Headboard


or 4 payments from $56.25 with Afterpay

Featuring clean lines and flawless craftsmanship, this bed is a masterpiece of Scandinavian-inspired furniture. It features a tailored leather upholstered headboard and tapered legs.

Showcasing the beauty of natural materials, the Nobu Bed Frame is a simple yet stylish bedroom addition. With clean lines and a bold profile, the piece looks great matched in a variety of interior styles.

Goldie Bed Frame


or 4 payments from $41.25 with Afterpay

Mira Storage Bed Frame with Drawers


or 4 payments from $104.75 with Afterpay

Your bed is so much more than just your crash jack sleep shack (word patent pending). This king size therapy couch has given silent support to many sleepless nights and I-don’t-ever-wanna-get-up mornings. This royal bum palace has borne witness to your fast forgotten fitness resolutions, and pigged out late night binge watchings. This wordless best-friend-in-foam has given ear to your countless hours of gossip, and mindless social media browsing. Truly, your bed is the ultimate embodiment of the perfect human being – it gives and gives, and asks nothing in return.

And now, E-Living, as we always do, have evolved this King of all furniture into something even more. While your bed holds secret many a tryst with a flurry of lovers (god, you’re so naughty), it can now hold much more than that! Welcome the magnificent Mira Bedframe in your life. It is the bed of your dreams, and a secret storeroom – all rolled into one beautifully designed package.

Out of stock

Natural Signature Bed Frame in Hardwood


or 4 payments from $87.50 with Afterpay

If there was one thing that a person holds more sacred than a solemn prayer to sweet baby Jesus, it’s the sanctity of their own bed. This little metre x metre of cozy space trumps a vacay to Italy, road trip out of town, or a night of debauchery nearby. Travel the world across the seven seas, but you always find true comfort only in this small spot of heaven.

With all the rage for memory foam and melt fabric pillows and mattresses, young folks are overlooking what makes a bed, a real bed (ok, I sound like grandpa now). It is the foundation, that makes a skyscraper. It is the support, that makes a champion. So it is the frame, that makes the bed.

The Natural Signature Bed Frame is one such exquisite piece of woodwork. It’s like a tough sonuvagun. Hardened men can take whatever life throws at it, this baby can take whatever you throw at it. If Oxford wasn’t anal about substituting nouns for adjectives, the NS Bed Frame has the caliber to replace “sturdy”, “quality” and “lastsforevah” from the dic.

Natural Signature Bedside Table in Hardwood


or 4 payments from $15.25 with Afterpay

It’s compact. It’s smooth. It’s classy.

No, we aren’t talking about the Mini Cooper, we are gawking at the elegantly polished Natural Signature Bedside Table. As many supertop intdecoz (our sophisticated slang for interior decorators) believe, your bedroom is the window to your character. While our German friend Mr Johann Psychøbabblër might say “Zis is very materialistic approach ja”, we think it is sage advice. Our bedrooms are often what we care about the most. It is our own personal temple. So naturally, we’d want to decorate it with good looking, soul enriching and useful furniture.

Out of stock

Leafy Fabric Bed Frame with Solidwood Legs


or 4 payments from $71.25 with Afterpay

Product descriptions are usually just so full of themselves, aren’t they? They are like that one obnoxious friend human thing that you just can’t stand their narcissistic ass for more than a few minutes. They talk and talk and talk only about themselves; always trying to tell you why they are the freakin best. And then they try to sell you stuff on top! Oh, the nerve! We’d never do any such thing. No such thing ever.

Say friend, have you heard the word on this Leafy Bedframe business? I hear it’s quite something! I was casually talking to a co-worker and she said “going Leafy” was the best ever decision of her entire leaf life (I’ll show myself out). Millennials these days man… they got a trendy word for everything.

LuLu Velvet Bed Frame With Golden Metal Legs


or 4 payments from $42.25 with Afterpay

Maybe you are a more composed kind. Maybe you like to take a step back, think about your finances, introspect over past impulsive decisions, assess your wants and needs before making a purchase. Wisdom might stop you from bringing a bed frame with gold legs home. If that’s the case, well, mad respect to you good sir/ma’am. You are the people golden statues are modelled after.

But if you are genuinely looking to get a classy bed frame for your casa, a piece of fine furniture that automatically elevates the grand-juh (that’s what the fancy people say, right?) of your room, the rare Golden Legged Bedframe is quite the catch. I’ll shut my trap now, ‘cause it’s features speak for itself:-

Best Seller in Living Room

Nobu 2 Drawers Coffee Table

$320.00 $160.00

or 4 payments of $40.00 with Afterpay

Nobu TV Stand

$340.00 $170.00

or 4 payments of $42.50 with Afterpay

Out of stock

Nobu Hallway Table

$300.00 $150.00

or 4 payments of $37.50 with Afterpay

Large Shoe Cabinet 12 Tiers

$398.00 $199.00

or 4 payments of $49.75 with Afterpay

Out of stock

TV Unit 180cm White Oak

$250.00 $150.00

or 4 payments of $37.50 with Afterpay

Sit your TV on something as smart as it is stylish. The piece was designed with plenty of room for storage and will be your living area’s new best friend as well as adds instant appeal to a home, with a look that is classic with a modern touch.

Despite its slim appearance, this Sven TV Stand with 180CM wide offers ample amounts of room for storage with four open shelves and two wide drawer. The Sven TV Stand also includes a circular back hole to provide tidy cable organising – perfect for electronics and living room.

Lumi 3 Seater Sofa Bed – Light Grey

$550.00 $335.00

or 4 payments of $83.75 with Afterpay

First Class Leather Recliner Chair – Brown


or 4 payments of $62.50 with Afterpay

Three layered thick padded cushion back seat – total body comfort.

Casper Sofa Bed with Cup Holder

$440.00 $290.00

or 4 payments of $72.50 with Afterpay

Industrial Tv Unit 180cm Dark Wood Sliding Door

$398.00 $199.00

or 4 payments of $49.75 with Afterpay

Do you need a proper space for your TV? Designed with gorgeous clean lines, combined with it’s sleek legs and sliding door, also with the help of our signature dark oak color, this piece will instantly turn your living room into a classy and elegant spot.

Fabby Fabric Rocking Recliner Chair Fabric – Light Grey


or 4 payments of $99.75 with Afterpay

At the end of a hectic day, there is nothing like having a cup of coffee on your rocking chair. Imagine the relaxation follow by a deep, deep exhale sitting on this thick and comfy chair.

Made of solid wood frame, this contemporary recliner chair offers comfortable track arms and back. This chair has a strong metal structure which raises support and comfort level. The upper fabric is designed to add a relaxing effect with strong stitching. The seat has form padding, which is essential to keep the body intact and firm.

Natural Signature Tv Unit 145cm in Hardwood


or 4 payments from $30.25 with Afterpay

A wise carpenter once said, “Life is about the little things in life”. Sounded a bit weird to us at the time, but as we completed more revolutions around that giant ball-o-gas we fondly call the Sun, it started to make more and more sense (yay, introspection). And we feel the same way about the Natural Signature Lowline TV Cabinet. Some doofus might shake his head violently at “Brooo this TV Cabinet will change your life”, but the truth is he can’t distinguish his head from his ass.

Out of stock

Natural Signature Console Table in Hardwood


or 4 payments from $42.00 with Afterpay

To some nitwits, a “console table” means a box-o-wood filled with varying instruments of play to while away your life. Ok, maybe we’re being too judgy, but it just triggers us, ya know? Because an absolute downright marvel-o-wood (god, we need to stop using that phrase) like the Natural Signature Console Table deserves love and respect, very much like your lover-o-supreme (oh, goddamnit).

Best Seller in Dining

Nobu Sideboard Buffet Table

$398.00 $199.00

or 4 payments of $49.75 with Afterpay

Ayo Dining Chair – Set of Two

$325.00 $180.00

or 4 payments of $45.00 with Afterpay

6 Pcs Dining Set with Bench Solid Wood

$1,249.00 $665.00

or 4 payments of $166.25 with Afterpay

Simplicity, Minimalism, Luxurious with our signature light oak olour. Dining Table inspired by Scandinavian design that accommodates seating for 6-8. With additional bench seating, it is perfect to have occasional space for your guest.

dining table for your extra guest and comfortable fabric feel design to make enjoyable moments.

With the exquisite style of Scandinavian that brings creative and rustic modern century characteristic to the design which could leave your guest to astonish.

7pcs Dining Sets Table & Chairs in Walnut Solid Wood

$1,299.00 $835.00

or 4 payments of $208.75 with Afterpay

Migo Dining Table is a Scandinavian-inspired dining table designed to make a luxurious and versatile statement to your home.

With elegant colors, quality fabrics and durable materials, 7pcs Dining table and chairs will surely impress your friends and guests. Classy dining set for family get-together time too!

7pcs Dining Set Table & Chairs Solid Wood

$1,499.00 $850.00

or 4 payments of $212.50 with Afterpay

Claus is a mixture of Scandinavian, Danish and Modern design that mixes Danish Natural Oak with a touch of white accent to give a cutting edge, modern and expensive sensation to your home.

Beautifully placed at your dining room, now you can enjoy your family time together with your loved one!

Drop Leaf Dining Table

$398.00 $199.00

or 4 payments of $49.75 with Afterpay

Helga 6 Seater Dining Table – White Washed

$390.00 $225.00

or 4 payments of $56.25 with Afterpay

Your dining table provides you with the best place ad environment where you can sit, eat and talk with your family. So, why not have a dining table which provides enough space to accommodate six people. This six seater dining table is what you need for your family meals.

Natural Signature Sideboard Buffet Unit in Solid Hardwood


or 4 payments from $46.75 with Afterpay

Speaking of food and juicy Big Macs, have you heard about the elegant and graceful Natural Signature Buffet Table? It is pure magic, I tell you. Having that fine piece of wood in your house makes even the most bloated, sweaty, greedy eaters look like Cinderella in a ballet dress. You think we’re exaggerating again, huh? Take a leap of faith, honey. We’ll be eagerly waiting with a gold plated “You’re welcome, boo” card on your way back.

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