8 Tips To Save Money On Kids Furniture

Setting up a kid’s room is an exciting time for expecting parents. They express their love for their new little one with every piece of furniture they buy. Parents often worry about having the perfect looking room for their baby, but they can easily spend a fortune on furniture that is used only for a short while, and not even noticed by its occupant. However, you can save money and provide a safe, yet eye-appealing room. Here are some general tips and specific ideas to save money on kids furniture.


1) Set A Budget

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Set a budget

Before you buy kids furniture, set a budget, and use cash to purchase everything, if possible. You may not have money to pay for the furniture after the baby finally arrives, due to emergency expenses.


2) Don’t Waste Money On Extras

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Don’t waste money on extras

Kids furniture can include items with many unnecessary bells and whistles. You don’t really need drawers underneath the crib, or uniquely styled cribs that require special bedding, such as round cribs. These items may seem appealing, but in the end, you pay more without receiving extra value.


3) Purchase Unfinished Furniture

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Purchase unfinished furniture

Purchase unfinished cribs, dressers, bookshelves, and rockers to save money. Many stores and websites sell unfinished furniture. Of course, you have to finish the furniture yourself before the baby arrives, but many merchants provide instructions that you can safely follow.


4) Start Shopping Early

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Start shopping early

Hopefully, you have about eight months to set up a room for your kid. To maximize the time you have to find the best deals, start looking early. You can save the most money when you have time to research and shop for furniture.


5) Don’t Over-Buy

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Don’t over-buy

Consider the size of the room before you buy a crib, dresser, changing table, rocker or glider, bookshelf, toy chest, and all the other items that your baby may need. Choose the most important pieces of furniture when setting your budget, and focus on purchasing these items. It is equally important to also consider how to maximize the space when arranging the furniture.


6) Rent Out The Furniture Between Children

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Rent out the furniture between children

To compensate for the purchase of the kids furniture, consider renting the furniture to another family between babies. This way, you can earn some money to counteract the money you spent on the furniture, while giving someone else a good deal. Just make sure you get the furniture back in time for your next little one, and carefully inspect the returned furniture for damage.


7) Make Long-Term Purchases

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Make long-term purchases

Instead of buying a tiny dresser or small set of bookshelves for the kid’s room, buy adult-sized furniture that your child can continue to use after outgrowing the crib and changing table. Choose functional, simple pieces of furniture in black, brown, or white; you can always repaint the furniture as your baby grows up.


8) Shop Discount Stores For The Best Deals

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Shop discount stores for the best deals

Stores like IKEA have deeply discounted kids furniture. Watch for sales and search clearance racks at off-price retailers for the best deals. Otherwise, you may browse through our website and buy your long-awaited kids furniture at a cheaper price!

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