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Sven Multimedia Cabinet

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The Sven Entertainment Unit is the perfect answer to your home storage needs. Offering spacious amounts of room to hold items and also featuring hidden storage, the piece pays tribute to modern contemporary design.

Sven Multimedia Cabinet is a careful curation of confident works in rich textures and harmonising colours. A collection of home furniture designed for the contemporary lifestyle by contemporary makers, thinkers, and dreamers.



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Industrial Bookshelf / Multimedia Cabinet

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Store your shoes in an organized way and keep them out of dust. This shoe cabinet is the perfect solution for your footwear. With four holes at the back and sliding door, this shoe cabinet maintains good airflow in the unit to rid your home off the unwanted odor. Bring a peace of mind to your life by keeping your shoes out of sight. The sliding door adds to the elegance of your room by hiding your shoes in the cabinet.