5 Tips For Parents To Baby Proof Their Home

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The home safety is the primary concern for most parents especially for those who are preparing for their baby’s arrival or are moving to a new home with kids. As there are many potential dangers lurking in our home, it is no doubt that parents should take extra steps to ensure that their kids are out of harm’s way. Hence, in this article, we list some of the common dangers at home and how parents should tackle them effectively.


1) Reduce Chances Of Falling

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Reduce chances of falling

Kids love to climb stairs but there’s a high risk of falling down during the early years. You can install safety gates at the top and bottom of your stairs to make sure they don’t ascend or descend without adult supervision. You should also make sure that the space between the railing bars on the stairs doesn’t allow kids to slip through. If your kids enjoy climbing furniture, then keep it away from open windows.


2) Secure Your Doors And Windows

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Secure your doors and windows

Once your baby is old enough to start exploring, you should make sure that they don’t accidently go through any doors that they are not supposed to. Any doors that are rarely used should be kept closed. If you live in a high-rise buildings, you should make sure your balcony is safe by installing door or window restrictors. If any of the windows are within their reach, then ensure that they remain closed and have childproof locks.


3) Eliminate Electrical Risks

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Eliminate electrical risks

One of the biggest electrical risks in your home is uncovered electrical outlets. Either ensure that they are out of your kids’ reach or use an outlet cover. Hiding electrical outlets behind furniture can also do the trick. Lamps and light fixtures should also be kept out of reach. You should consider switching off electrical furniture when they are not being used as they too can be risky. Be sure to keep your fridge locked or install a fridge latch.


4) Make Your Furniture Secure

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Make your furniture secure

Your child can get injured if they run into one of the sharp edges or corners of your furniture. The easiest way to prevent this from happening while keep the furniture in its place is to cover them with foam or edge guards. If your toddler likes to climb furniture, then don’t forget to place some cushions around it. Furniture like cabinets that can topple over should be anchored or mounted on the wall. You should consider keeping lamps, tall vases and indoor plants behind furniture.


5) Keep Dangerous Items Behind Closed Doors

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Keep dangerous items behind closed doors

Invest in cabinets, if you haven’t already, and use them to store all knives, cutlery, medicines and household chemicals. In case your store room is cluttered, sort it out to make room for the dangerous items in your home. Any gardening tools and cleaning appliances like brooms and vacuums cleaners can also be locked inside the store room when they’re not being used.

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