4 Kid-Friendly Furniture To Keep Your Home Safe

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There is a few reasons a family would want to consider having kid-friendly furniture in their home. To begin with, many preventable accidents happen within the home due to furniture not being used safely. Choosing durable, safe furniture pieces and positioning them with caution in mind can make a huge difference to both your family’s safety, and to your budget. Here is a few things you might want to consider when setting up your home to be as kid-friendly as possible.


1) Sofa

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Olsen Daybed with Trundle

When it comes to wear and tear, sofas cop a beating because they often bear the brunt of actions not meant for it to endure. If durability is your main concern, you can consider getting a leather or a fabric sofa because their surface is wipeable.

Furthermore, choosing a sofa with a sturdy frame will help avoid your children from treating it like a trampoline. In this case, our Olsen Daybed with Trundle is crafted from solid plywood for extra sturdiness. Also featuring hidden trundles that serves multiple functions, it is a perfect addition to a living room, and for those who have children in their home.

Nonetheless, consider carefully where you place your sofa in your home for safety purposes. Never position it against a window because an active child could fall through. If your children are particularly young, have it back onto a wall will stop little monkey flipping over the back and avoiding a huge, potentially dangerous drop.


2) Table And Chair

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Iniko Table & Chair Set

Anyone raising a child knows the perils of a running toddler and a hard corner! Attaching edge protectors and corner guards to your existing dining, coffee and hall tables is obviously a must. But if you are looking for a kid-friendly furniture, our Iniko Table & Chair Set is exactly designed child-safe to EN71 European Safety of Toys standards.

It comes with round and smooth edges, upgraded protected rubber corners, toxic-free paint finishes, and a very eco-friendly ensemble. Not to mention that the table is adjustable above its standard 50cm height by up to 3cm more, which means the table can literally ‘grow’ with your kids and their BFFs. And when all the playing is done,the chairs can be easily stacked up for easy storage.


3) Bunk Bed

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Astro Triple Bunk Bed

Bunk bed can also be a kid-friendly furniture choice too. Our Astro Triple Bunk Bed is just ideal for your children and is a perfect addition to their bedroom. Its twin over full bed is elegant and functional, plus the solid pine wood frame, as well as its slats, is durable and robust. Finished in rustic white, this bunk bed is indeed a perfect fit for rooms with any decor and style. Designed with safety in mind, this bunk bed is AS/NZ 4220 approved as it includes full-length guardrails and a sturdy ladder. The space-saving design also allows you to maximize your room space.


4) Drawer And Shelving

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Sven Bathroom Cabinet

We all have drawer and shelving in our home, but whether they are kid-friendly or not remains a question. Hence, the best practice is to anchor all of them with screws to a stud wall to prevent child from climbing and pulling the heavy units onto themselves. You can even use spreading anchors to give them a bit more stability.

Otherwise, you may consider buying shelving units with drawers or cupboard doors at the bottom, such as our Sven Bathroom Cabinet, so your kid would not climb on it too easily. Take advantage of its high design to store any breakables or personal items away from curious little hands. With classic design and clean lines, this durable MDF cabinet makes an elegant and attractive addition to your home.

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