Get the Look: Japandi Style

Does your dream home involve light-flooded rooms devoid of clutter, featuring curated furniture allying style and functionality? You’re not alone. Most decorating trends in recent years have shared the same affinity: soothing neutral colours, airy layouts, and clean-lined furniture crafted in natural materials. Scandinavian and Japanese designs stand out as two of the best examples of minimalist home décor. If you’re not sure where you stand between zen and hygge, then Japandi style may be what you’re been looking for.

Born as a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian-inspired aesthetics, Japandi (sometimes also referred to as Scandinese) is taking the world by storm, thanks to the influence of TikTok and Pinterest. Both cultures embrace functionality and craftsmanship, making it the perfect style for the entire home. More than a “look,” it favours a holistic approach to the environment, encouraging mindful and eco-friendly practices.

Japandi in the Bedroom

If you think of your bedroom as a cozy sanctuary where you unwind, you’ll feel right at home in a Japandi master retreat. Minimalist lines like our Nook Collection will help you feel relaxed and centred.

Japandi style fosters the absence of clutter. This provides a calming environment perfect for going to bed with a clear mind and waking up on the right foot. You can achieve this by coordinating furniture with plenty of storage to keep your belongings organised. Our Tate, Sven and Cuppa Collections are excellent choices to set up a clean and welcoming bedroom.

Wood furniture is a must for Japandi style. The Scandinavian aesthetic is known for favouring light wood and white accents. Meanwhile the Japanese style trends towards richer, deeper tones like black and chocolate brown. Being a hybrid, Japandi encourages a combination, using different tints for a mix-and-match look.

Ensure that your bedroom embraces a holistic approach and use furniture crafted with the best environmental practices. Made using 100% natural pinewood, our Cali Beds are also constructed with zero toxins and chemical additions. Wake up refreshed by adopting bed sets in natural, organic fibres like cotton, linen, or bamboo.

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Japandi in the Living Room

Your living room is the area where your guests spend most of their time. As such, it should be a reflection of your home as a whole: elegant, welcoming, and comfortable.

Our Buffy Sofa Bed is the perfect centrepiece for your loved ones to mingle and relax. It allies functionality and design to transform into a futon for overnight visitors. Alternatively, pop up the headrest for an extra-comfortable TV marathon. Its neutral tones provide the ideal background to add throw pillows or a cozy quilt for extra texture and interest.

When choosing décor for your Japandi living room, the rule is to favour quality over quantity. Each item should be intentional. It’s the perfect place to display meaningful objects, such as heirlooms or an artwork collection. In a clean and organised space, they will stand out and shine. Choose a soothing palette, such as earth tones, whites, and greys, for fostering a relaxing environment. Bring in the outdoors by adding greenery: house plants are beautiful while also cleaning up the air.

Prefer furniture with a low profile that will also keep the clutter away? Coffee tables with extra storage will keep necessities close by but out of sight. Meanwhile, TV stands will ensure that cables remain out of view and not disrupt your minimalist look. Our Cuppa coffee table and TV unit mix white and wood tones to match any décor. Thanks to their trendy natural white oak finish, our Sven TV unit and matching coffee table are both classic and modern.

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White oak colour that gives a light and airy feel to your space.

Japandi in the Dining Room

When you dine out in an elegant restaurant, the style influences your mood and how much you appreciate the food. Whether you’re sitting down for a family dinner or a more formal affair, guests will appreciate the Japandi atmosphere.

Both Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics favour organic shapes like the ones of our Eva dining set. Matching ceramic plates in earth tones and glaze are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you prefer the soft glow of an origami paper lantern or a sleek metal shade, hanging lights serve a double purpose both as a decorative and utilitarian element.

When it comes to Japandi, every component should serve its purpose without extra fuss. This can be a challenge for dining spaces, which endure foot traffic and food mishaps. Our Charlie and our Leon dining chairs are made of durable plastic and metal to stand the test of time and daily use. They feature a stylish Scandinavian mid-century look and are available in black, white, and natural tones to fit seamlessly in your Japandi home.

Open-concept spaces can keep your home feeling spacious and airy. But, to keep things balanced and free-flowing, it’s best to find furniture that matches throughout the entire room. The minimalist lines of our Jun Collection are a great match for any Japandi interior. Their symmetrical silhouette brings a sense of balance and harmony in the heart of your home. 

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