Four Tips for Spring Cleaning

Clutter often accumulates without us noticing. Little by little, things take over our rooms and our minds. Winter is often a time when we turn towards the cozy and the familiar. However, as the colder months come to an end, we crave clean open spaces and fresh air. Therefore, it is no surprise that spring is often the season when we’re cleaning the mess accumulated throughout the year.

Coming home to a messy room can be a source of stress and anxiety. It makes things harder to find. It is more challenging to keep clean and often feels oppressing. Organising and optimising your home can be therapeutic as scrolling through pristine homes on Pinterest and Instagram. Plus, it can help you start and end your day on the right foot. You can finally focus on the essentials, such as enjoying time with your family or performing at work.

You may be surprised at what decluttering your abode can accomplish for your mental state. Here is how you can reduce stress and improve your mental clarity with some simple spring cleaning tips.

Tip One: Take Inventory

The most thorough deep clean can only accomplish so much if you can hardly see any flat surface in your home and if your closets are overflowing. Before adding more storage – that would only take up more room in the house – ask yourself if you really need everything you own.

If you are like most people, there are probably unused items lying around your home. Some of it may even have price tags still on. Some objects have double usage or simply are not the right fit for your current lifestyle. As we evolve year after year, so do our tastes and needs. If you have not touched something in years, it is unlikely that you will reach for it in the future.

Go through the most cluttered areas in your home, one after the other. Do you have clothes that do not fit anymore or are not to your taste? Maybe you have accumulated home décor that does not fit your style any more, or your kitchen drawers are overflowing with multiple models of the same item.

Of course, adopting a Japanese minimalist lifestyle is not a realistic goal for everyone. However, material objects we do not need or even want – such as that housewarming present from your Aunt Karen – often find their way into our home and overstay their welcome. As you make a thorough inventory of your belongings, you will undoubtedly find items to sell, donate or recycle.

After getting rid of the clutter, you will feel a lot lighter. Besides, you will be in a better position to find the right amount of storage for your home and avoid more unnecessary purchases.

Tip Two: Optimise Floor Space

If you live in a small property, such as a beach cottage or an urban apartment, you are probably spending a lot of time trying to find new ways to organise your home. Large pieces of furniture can feel bulky and make your space feel even more crowded and smaller. The type of storage you choose will play a significant role in helping your home feel breezier and more welcoming.

For homes that are short in floor space, the best way to organise your home is to go high, using wall space as much as possible. For example, you can use hooks and a hook rack to store belongings when possible. For items that do not fit on hook systems, tallboys drawers offer both a stylish and practical solution.

Colour schemes also play an essential role in making the most out of your home. Darker tones will make your room feel smaller, especially on bulkier pieces of furniture such as wardrobes and armoires. Meanwhile, lighter palettes and natural materials will keep an airy atmosphere in a tight space.

E-Living offers a wide range of tall chests of drawers to fit any home décor scheme. Our Coco and Cuppa tallboys blend perfectly in coastal-style interiors. In contrast, our Muzi tallboy will bring a touch of modern Scandinavian flair into your home.

Tip Three: Focus on Looks

If you can’t hide it, show it off. Far from adding to clutter, some of your belongings can easily double up as home décor. For example, books, family pictures, souvenirs from your travels, jewellery and collections will look their best when displayed on open shelves. Even clothes, accessories, or tableware can add charm and character to your home with a bit of effort.

Choose your favourite items and set up displays by playing on colours, textures, or themes. It may take some trial and error to find the perfect combination for your arrangements. Start by positioning the larger objects first and use odd numbers and asymmetry for your vignettes to achieve a more balanced look.

Always consider the big picture rather than focusing on each detail: you may need to step back to tweak your arrangements so they can look their best. Finally, remember that less is more. If something does not look right, it may be time to remove it entirely so the rest of your décor can shine. You can also use stylish baskets to hide objects in plain sight.

Open shelf storage can bring personality to every room in your home. For example, displays on a console table in a hallway or entryway will make your abode feel instantly more welcoming, while a styled coffee table can become a conversation centrepiece. Display and cabinets can help you and your guest enjoy your most treasured items in the bedroom or living room.  

Tip Four: Dual-Purpose Furniture for Small Areas

As anyone living in a small dwelling can tell you, storage is often an issue. Make the best of your space by taking advantage of every nook and cranny. It is handy for bulkier objects you do not use daily, such as seasonal items or travel necessities like suitcases.

Once you have used every available storage, it may be time to turn towards underutilised spaces, such as the area under your bed. Since it is typically the piece of furniture that occupies the most square footage in the room, there is plenty of space to utilise.

Beds with underneath storage are an excellent investment for those who are short in space. Our Coco Bed Frame pays homage to the classic style of the Hamptons while offering heaps of sneaky extra storage.

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