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Deep Dream Memory Foam Mattress – 21cm


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Deep Dream Memory Foam Mattress provides anatomical support in combination with the unique pressure relieving properties that mould to your shape, provide unrivalled comfort and support.

With memory foam to give you an ultra-deep sleep experience, 5 zoned spring system that contours to your body shape, and pocket springs that open up the possibility of zero partner disturbance.

This is definitely our best valued mattress with all the features you need for a deeper dream at seriously affordable price.


Deep Dream Premium – Cool Gel Memory Foam with Pocket Spring Mattress


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Create an atmosphere of relaxation with Deep Dream Premium – Cool Gel Memory Foam with Pocket Spring Mattress.

Offering superior levels of comfort, it distributes body weight evenly. This layer was made using our patented technology for exceptional levels of softness.

“Soft on top, strong support at bottom” – It’s like sleeping on cloud but you don’t feel sunken at all. You’ll sleep like a baby.



Natural Signature Bed Frame in Solid Rubberwood


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If there was one thing that a person holds more sacred than a solemn prayer to sweet baby Jesus, it’s the sanctity of their own bed. This little metre x metre of cozy space trumps a vacay to Italy, road trip out of town, or a night of debauchery nearby. Travel the world across the seven seas, but you always find true comfort only in this small spot of heaven.

With all the rage for memory foam and melt fabric pillows and mattresses, young folks are overlooking what makes a bed, a real bed (ok, I sound like grandpa now). It is the foundation, that makes a skyscraper. It is the support, that makes a champion. So it is the frame, that makes the bed.

The Natural Signature Bed Frame is one such exquisite piece of woodwork. It’s like a tough sonuvagun. Hardened men can take whatever life throws at it, this baby can take whatever you throw at it. If Oxford wasn’t anal about substituting nouns for adjectives, the NS Bed Frame has the caliber to replace “sturdy”, “quality” and “lastsforevah” from the dic.

Deep Dream Green Tea Mattress


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You know that refreshing zing that hits you when you first get into a cool bed on a hot night? Cooling foam aims to extend that feeling throughout the night. The top layer of gel foam contours to your shape and resists body heat to regulate your temperature.

Deep Dream Green Tea Mattress provides conforming comfort with a memory foam layer and Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam layer that conforms to the natural shape of your body.