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Leafy Fabric Bed Frame with Solidwood Legs


or 4 payments from $63.75 with Afterpay

Product descriptions are usually just so full of themselves, aren’t they? They are like that one obnoxious friend human thing that you just can’t stand their narcissistic ass for more than a few minutes. They talk and talk and talk only about themselves; always trying to tell you why they are the freakin best. And then they try to sell you stuff on top! Oh, the nerve! We’d never do any such thing. No such thing ever.

Say friend, have you heard the word on this Leafy Bedframe business? I hear it’s quite something! I was casually talking to a co-worker and she said “going Leafy” was the best ever decision of her entire leaf life (I’ll show myself out). Millennials these days man… they got a trendy word for everything.


Natural Signature Beside Table in Solid Rubberwood


or 4 payments of $28.75 with Afterpay

It’s compact. It’s smooth. It’s classy.

No, we aren’t talking about the Mini Cooper, we are gawking at the elegantly polished Natural Signature Bedside Table. As many supertop intdecoz (our sophisticated slang for interior decorators) believe, your bedroom is the window to your character. While our German friend Mr Johann Psychøbabblër might say “Zis is very materialistic approach ja”, we think it is sage advice. Our bedrooms are often what we care about the most. It is our own personal temple. So naturally, we’d want to decorate it with good looking, soul enriching and useful furniture.


Natural Signature Bed Frame in Solid Rubberwood


or 4 payments from $87.50 with Afterpay

If there was one thing that a person holds more sacred than a solemn prayer to sweet baby Jesus, it’s the sanctity of their own bed. This little metre x metre of cozy space trumps a vacay to Italy, road trip out of town, or a night of debauchery nearby. Travel the world across the seven seas, but you always find true comfort only in this small spot of heaven.

With all the rage for memory foam and melt fabric pillows and mattresses, young folks are overlooking what makes a bed, a real bed (ok, I sound like grandpa now). It is the foundation, that makes a skyscraper. It is the support, that makes a champion. So it is the frame, that makes the bed.

The Natural Signature Bed Frame is one such exquisite piece of woodwork. It’s like a tough sonuvagun. Hardened men can take whatever life throws at it, this baby can take whatever you throw at it. If Oxford wasn’t anal about substituting nouns for adjectives, the NS Bed Frame has the caliber to replace “sturdy”, “quality” and “lastsforevah” from the dic.


Natural Signature Coffee Table in Solid Rubberwood


or 4 payments of $28.75 with Afterpay

Ah, coffee. The frothy laxative juice that powers the world. But just like Shaggy is to Scooby, Kendall is to Kylie, so is a Coffee Table to Coffee (forgive us for the poopy comparison). While many busy souls don’t even have the time to place their mug-o-love somewhere belle (pretentious for “beautiful”), the Natural Signature Coffee Table is a very natural choice for those of us who like to stop and smell the roses (cue in the Godfather theme please).


Natural Signature Sideboard Buffet Unit in Solid Rubberwood


or 4 payments of $81.25 with Afterpay

Speaking of food and juicy Big Macs, have you heard about the elegant and graceful Natural Signature Buffet Table? It is pure magic, I tell you. Having that fine piece of wood in your house makes even the most bloated, sweaty, greedy eaters look like Cinderella in a ballet dress. You think we’re exaggerating again, huh? Take a leap of faith, honey. We’ll be eagerly waiting with a gold plated “You’re welcome, boo” card on your way back.


Natural Signature Console Table in Solid Rubberwood


or 4 payments of $57.50 with Afterpay

To some nitwits, a “console table” means a box-o-wood filled with varying instruments of play to while away your life. Ok, maybe we’re being too judgy, but it just triggers us, ya know? Because an absolute downright marvel-o-wood (god, we need to stop using that phrase) like the Natural Signature Console Table deserves love and respect, very much like your lover-o-supreme (oh, goddamnit).


Natural Signature Desk in Solid Rubberwood


or 4 payments of $51.25 with Afterpay

Not kidding, though. The Natural Signature Study Desk is one such piece of wunderwood; the kind that gives your dreams of success some vital support. You might find a ton of “study desks” that offer “the best features”, but honestly, you’ll be wasting your moolah. You don’t need an inbuilt pencil sharpener, ink holder, document rack, ten-inch mirror (yeesh) and forty six drawers in-built in your study desk for a productive time. The more cluttered your desk, the more cluttered your mind (man, all those long sermons from mum are coming back today).


Natural Signature Tv Unit 145cm in Solid Rubberwood


or 4 payments of $63.75 with Afterpay

A wise carpenter once said, “Life is about the little things in life”. Sounded a bit weird to us at the time, but as we completed more revolutions around that giant ball-o-gas we fondly call the Sun, it started to make more and more sense (yay, introspection). And we feel the same way about the Natural Signature Lowline TV Cabinet. Some doofus might shake his head violently at “Brooo this TV Cabinet will change your life”, but the truth is he can’t distinguish his head from his ass.


Natural Signature Tv Unit 150cm in Solid Rubberwood


or 4 payments of $63.75 with Afterpay

Lounging your eyes on this exquisite piece of carpentry between TV commercials is like relaxing with a glass of wine, or taking a long hot bath, or lighting a scented candle. The 150  is made for souls, with soul.


Mira Storage Bed Frame with Drawers


or 4 payments from $97.25 with Afterpay

Your bed is so much more than just your crash jack sleep shack (word patent pending). This king size therapy couch has given silent support to many sleepless nights and I-don’t-ever-wanna-get-up mornings. This royal bum palace has borne witness to your fast forgotten fitness resolutions, and pigged out late night binge watchings. This wordless best-friend-in-foam has given ear to your countless hours of gossip, and mindless social media browsing. Truly, your bed is the ultimate embodiment of the perfect human being – it gives and gives, and asks nothing in return.

And now, E-Living, as we always do, have evolved this King of all furniture into something even more. While your bed holds secret many a tryst with a flurry of lovers (god, you’re so naughty), it can now hold much more than that! Welcome the magnificent Mira Bedframe in your life. It is the bed of your dreams, and a secret storeroom – all rolled into one beautifully designed package.

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